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Empowering wellness and career success with Sole Journey Wellness, featuring Dani Frank in a serene, mindful pose.

Empowering Your
Path to Well-Being
& Success 


Your Guide to a
Balanced & Thriving Life

With a harmonious blend of therapeutic yoga and insightful career coaching, we unlock the pathways to enhanced physical and mental well-being all while fostering professional resilience. You'll learn to harness the transformative power of self-awareness, cultivating balance and excelling in your endeavors. 

Welcome to a holistic path with Sole Journey Wellness, guiding light for personal and professional growth.
Dani Frank, experienced therapeutic yoga teacher and career coach, sharing a moment of insight and connection.

Our Focus Areas

Dive into a world where expertise in therapeutic yoga and career coaching seamlessly blends, crafting services tailored to unlock your wellness and professional potential.

Insightful resources and blog posts for continuous personal growth and well-being tips from Sole Journey Wellness.

Your Source for Practical Guidance & Inspiration

'The Resilient Compass' podcast is your source for groundbreaking insights in yoga, mental health, and personal development. Join Dani Frank and experts from around the world. New episodes twice a month.


Free Resrouces

Sole Journey Wellness Yoga for Imposter Syndrome bundle image, featuring tools and classes for overcoming self-doubt through yoga.

Yoga for Imposter Syndrome Bundle

An insightful e-book and 5-part class series aimed at helping you understand, identify, and navigate Imposter Syndrome with empowering yoga practices.

Asana Practice for Grief

Sole Journey Wellness free Yoga for Grief asana practice image, guiding through gentle yoga poses for emotional and physical healing.

Embrace healing with our 25-minute therapeutic practice designed to guide you through your grief with gentle yoga practices that support emotional release and renewal.

Sole Journey Wellness Yoga Nidra for Balance session image, offering a guided meditation for achieving mental, emotional, and physical equilibrium.

Yoga Nidra for Balance

Jump into deep relaxation and restore inner harmony with this guided session, designed to rebalance your body and mind for a sense of complete well-being.

Imposter Syndrome Bundle

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Voices of Transformation

Transformative Interview Coaching Experience

"Dani’s preparation and personalized approach transformed my interview anxiety into confidence, making a world of difference."

Elevating Career Paths with Salary Negotiation

"Learning my worth and how to negotiate confidently was a game-changer, leading to a much better salary offer.”

Elevating Business Through Therapeutic Yoga

"Dani’s expertise in therapeutic yoga and career coaching has been a game-changer for my business and personal well-being."

Revitalizing Career Paths: Strategy Success

"Dani’s fierce compassion and dedication turned my job search into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment."


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Schedule Your Free Clarity Call Today

At Sole Journey Wellness, we blend therapeutic yoga, personalized career coaching, and meditation to uniquely support your quest for balance and fulfillment. If you're curious about how we can tailor our services to your journey, or if you have any questions, we are here to offer clarity and guidance. Let's start a conversation today about transforming your path. Reach out by email, and let’s navigate your journey together.

Inviting Sole Journey Wellness community to connect and embark on a transformative wellness journey.

What We Believe In

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