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Hello There
I'm Dani Frank

My journey to becoming a therapeutic yoga teacher and career coach has unfolded through many impactful and diverse experiences, each shaping my approach to wellness and professional development.

My Journey

Amid the rigors of a high-pressure HR career, I found solace and balance through yoga. What began as a personal sanctuary from overwhelming stress, evolved into my vocation. Simultaneously, my passion for supporting others on their career paths flourished, manifesting in a dual role: as a corporate HR professional and a freelance career coach. This unique combination of experiences laid the groundwork for Sole Journey Wellness.

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Find My Purpose

Embarking on my personal healing journey with therapeutic yoga opened my eyes to its transformative power, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. Coincidentally, my experiences as a career coach revealed the crucial need for guidance and support in achieving professional aspirations. My true calling is in the integration of these disciplines. By marrying the profound healing capabilities of therapeutic yoga with the strategic, empowering nature of career coaching, I found my unique niche. In this fusion, I can guide others towards a holistic sense of fulfillment, nurturing both their well-being and career ambitions.

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Being the Beacon

Driven by the empathy I’ve developed from my own experiences with, navigating my career, burnout, and the transformative path to recovery, my core mission is rooted in being the guide I searched for during my most challenging times. As a therapeutic yoga teacher and career coach, I am committed to illuminating the way for others to navigate their own trials. I strive to embody the beacon of hope and understanding that bridges the gap between personal well-being and professional success, guiding my clients toward a life of balance and fulfillment.

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Expertise & Experience

Rooted in over a decade of immersive experience in the corporate HR realm and enriched by my freelance career coaching, my expertise is profoundly complemented by an extensive foundation in yoga, underscored by my over 1000 training hours, decades of self-study, and certification as an ERYT 500 yoga teacher and YACEP. This comprehensive blend of professional insight and deep yoga knowledge enables me to offer uniquely tailored support. I guide my clients through the complexities of their professional journeys while fostering personal well-being. I leverage my holistic understanding to ensure their success and balance in all facets of life.

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Aligning Our Paths

Seeing echoes of your path in my story is a bridge between us, signaling a deep alignment in our pursuits of balance and fulfillment. It’s this shared ground that lays the foundation for a partnership rooted in understanding and mutual growth. Together, we’ll harness the insights and lessons from our combined journeys, embarking on a transformative exploration aimed at achieving not just holistic well-being but also profound career satisfaction. Let’s navigate this path side by side; each step is an opportunity to cultivate health, happiness, and professional achievement

Reaching Out

Let's Connect

Discover the path to a more meaningful life - let's connect and start your journey towards greater fulfillment and purpose today. I invite you to reach out, share the contours of your story with me, and together, let’s chart a course towards your holistic well-being and career aspirations. As your dedicated guide, I’m here to listen deeply, offer guidance rooted in both empathy and my specialized expertise, and provide unwavering support at every moment. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, where your growth and success are our shared mission.

Certification display of Dani Frank, showcasing extensive training in therapeutic yoga and career coaching, highlighting a commitment to holistic well-being and professional success.
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