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Resilient Compass Podcast Sole Journey Wellness

On The Air

The Resilient Compass Podcast

Join experienced career coach, yoga teacher, and host Dani Frank each week for empowering conversations about overcoming obstacles, healing from hardship, and charting courageous paths ahead. 

Your Source For Practical Guidance to Help You Overcome & Live Boldly.

At its core, The Resilient Compass podcast is dedicated to equipping listeners with the mindsets, tools and practices to build resilience, navigate adversity, and chart fulfilling journeys in life and work.

Are you ready to bounce forward and unlock your resilience?


Welcome to The Resilient Compass With Dani Frank

Years ago one of my best friends said to me, "Dani, you either need a muzzle or a microphone." I chose the later and decided to start a podcast. 

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Resilient Compass Podcast Sole Journey Wellness
Human Design: Projector with Self-Projector Authority
Enneagram: Type 8

About your host

I'm Dani, your new best friend and #1 cheerleader!

As an experienced career coach and 500-hour certified yoga teacher, I'm Dani Frank, passionate host of The Resilient Compass podcast. After recovering from my own burnout, I'm now devoted to helping you cultivate grit and growth mindset to overcome challenges and thrive. Through weekly episodes packed with research-backed advice, tactical tips and inspiring stories, I’ll empower you to access your inner compass, heal from hardships and chart courageous paths ahead. With over a decade of experience in coaching and yoga for mental health, I’m committed to unlocking your resilience so you can fearlessly navigate life’s obstacles and live to your highest potential. Are you ready to build resilience and bounce forward? Let’s do this together!

Resilient Compass Podcast Sole Journey Wellness

Build Your Resilience & Feel Empowered

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We can’t wait to hear from you!

Resilient Compass Podcast Sole Journey Wellness
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Resilient Compass Podcast Sole Journey Wellness

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