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New Webinar Series

Journey to Resilience:
Yoga for Grief Transformation

Grieving isn't a straight path; it's more like a labyrinth filled with twists, turns, and dead ends. In this 5-part webinar series, Dani Frank will be your guide through the maze of emotions that accompany grief. Learn how yoga can be your compass, fostering resilience in adversity and leading you to a place of mindful balance.

Ready to elevate your understanding of grief? This transformative series not only builds your grief literacy but also prepares you for upcoming opportunities for deeper exploration and healing. Engage in one or all sessions to set the stage for your profound healing journey.

Image by Ashley Batz
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As a special gift you will receive a package of transformative resources tailored to each webinar:

Affirmation List for Healing

Thought-provoking guided reflections

Personalized self-care healing rituals

These bonuses are designed to support your growth, reflection, and well-being during your grief journey.


Join us for all five webinars to receive the entire workbook!

Image by Mayur Gala
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