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Get Ready for The Resilient Compass Podcast Launch!

Updated: Apr 10

I'm thrilled to announce that I'll soon be launching my newest project - The Resilient Compass podcast! This show is dedicated to equipping listeners with the mindsets, tools and practices to build resilience, overcome challenges, and chart fulfilling journeys.

After my own recovery from addiction, burnout, grief, and imposter syndrome, I felt compelled to create a space where we can openly discuss building inner strength and emotional flexibility to thrive in the face of adversity.

That space is The Resilient Compass.

The Resilient Compass Podcast Sole Journey Wellness

Through weekly episodes, you can expect inspiring stories of resilience, expert insights on topics like mindfulness, strategically supportive practices, mental health, and actionable strategies. My goal is that you walk away uplifted, understood, and equipped with research-backed advice to develop grit, bounce forward from setbacks, quiet the inner critics, set empowering goals, and so much more.

Exploring Life's Challenges through Compassionate Conversations

There will be special topic-focused episodes diving deeper into issues like:

- Navigating grief and loss

- Coping with imposter syndrome

- Healing from trauma

- Boosting self-compassion

- Maintaining work-life balance

- Fostering healthy relationships

I’m also committed to sharing inspiring stories from everyday people who have overcome adversities like anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, Bi-Polar, and other mental health challenges. My hope is that these courageous stories will help decrease stigma and allow others to feel less alone.

To give you a sneak peek at guests, you can look forward to conversations with:

- Individuals sharing their mental health journeys

- Productivity coach on overcoming burnout

- Grief advocate on healing from grief and loss

- Career coach on building resilience against imposter syndrome

I invite you to join me in judgment-free conversations about vulnerability, growth after hardship, navigating uncertainty and so much more. It would mean so much if you help spread the word as we lead up to launch.

Come Along on the Podcast Journey

The Resilient Compass will be launching its first episode on August 30th! Please head to my website to sign up to receive updates when the first episode drops and the exciting giveaways in store to celebrate. If you feel comfortable, I would love it if you would share this exciting announcement with anyone else you think might enjoy it.

What conversations are you most looking forward to?

  • Vulnerable, transparent discussions about mental health

  • Deep dives with other coaches about their speciality

  • Yoga for Mental Health practices to help you navigate life


Dani Frank Sole Journey Yoga_edited.jpg

I'm Dani

I blend the transformative power of therapeutic yoga and career coaching to guide your toward holistic well-being and professional fulfillment. 

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Build Your Resilience & Feel Empowered

You can tune on Apple Podcasts and Spotify - just search for "The Resilient Compass" on your desired platform or click the links below to find the show.

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