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5 Tips For Grieving During The Holiday Season

Updated: Apr 10

Supportive holiday scene reflecting strategies to cope with grief, by Sole Journey Wellness.

Depending on your family dynamic, the holiday season can be horrendously uncomfortable even without grieving. The holiday season is often the hardest time to be a grieving person. From the overwhelming themes of togetherness, happiness, and gratitude to the lack of understanding of how to support grieving people. It doesn't matter where you are in your grief journey for this to feel like an impossible mindset.

I wish I had a magic grief coping formula to share that would help you make it through the holiday season. What I can offer you are 5 tips for grieving during the holiday season that I know will help you navigate your journey.

#1 - Accept that you are grieving

Accepting that you are grieving can be particularly painful because it forces us to come face to face with the reality that things are forever changed. Once we experience profound grief, we will never be the same. Nothing will ever feel or look the same. We are forever changed, and that's ok. You may not be able to see it but you will have a life after your acute grief. The first step is to accept that your grief is real.

#2 - Acknowledge that your grief doesn't have a timeline

I've mentioned in other blog posts how your experience of grief is as unique as your fingerprint. The grief process is a personal labyrinth only you can see and experience. Grief isn't something that resolves itself over a period of time. Your grief process will take as long as it takes, and that's all ok.

"Grief is a personal experience and will happen on your own schedule in your own way." – Dani Frank

#3 - Create a new tradition

As I mentioned above, experiencing grief changes EVERYTHING. Traditions that you once enjoyed may be entirely too painful to continue to participate in now. It can be scary and overwhelming to think about creating something new for yourself, but it doesn't have to be anything grand. Maybe your new tradition is as simple as setting out a few of your favorite photos or cooking YOUR favorite food. I promise you that creating a new tradition will help you see how your life can move forward.

#4 - Try not to take the ignorance of others personally

A majority of people have no idea how to communicate with a grieving person. They are searching and waiting for the right thing to say to you without realizing there is no right thing to say. Showing your loved ones grace and compassion as they try to connect with you will go a long way to maintaining supportive relationships that will help you through this time. But remember, there is a big difference between someone not having the right words and someone denying your experience. The latter is NEVER OK.

#5 - Talk about it

Most of us will suffer a major loss throughout our lifetime. It's an unspoken thing that binds us together. Grief is a process that requires us to acknowledge and express how we feel in order to cope and move forward. For a lot of us, this comes in the form of talking. Expressing grief will help you find a stronger sense of peace and help you heal forward.

Yoga for Grief

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by grief during the holiday season but if you can take just one of these tips and put them into action I KNOW you will feel more peace. If you want a supportive yoga for grief practice at your fingertips, I invite you to download my free Yoga for Grief eBook.

Yoga for Grief: The Healing Circle will begin on December 1st. This is a 5-week class series designed to help support the multi-dimensions of your grieving being during the holiday season. Membership is available for the entire 5-week series, in addition to single class passes. Click Here to learn more.


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