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5 Types of Imposter Syndrome

Updated: Apr 10

Imposter Syndrome does not discriminate and can impact individuals across all genders, races, ages, and professions. There may be five types of Imposter Syndrome but experiencing Imposter Syndrome is not one size fits all. We can experience one or many types of Imposter Syndrome at the same time. Additionally, each type of Imposter Syndrome manifests differently depending on how and when it's triggered.

Information is power. That's why I wrote this blog post. Read on to learn more about the 5 types of Imposter Syndrome.

The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist believes that they MUST deliver perfect results 110% of the time. They want an A+ and the gold medal every time, or it's a failure. Even when they deliver a successful presentation, they will beat themselves up over missing one tiny detail that no one else would ever notice.

The Expert

The Expert is always seeking out more knowledge, more experience, and more recognition. They think they do not have enough of these things. Experts strive tor perfection because they are people pleasers. They feel like an imposter because there is always someone better than them out there.

The characteristics of The Expert are rooted in anxiety. The Expert thrives on a cycle of low self esteem, self-doubt, and shame.

The Natural Genius

The Natural Genius tends to look at the experts in their field and wonder: Why am I not there yet? The Natural Genius often overlooks the mid-stage process called learning. Learning is what takes a beginner to the expert level. When they are faced with setbacks they typically question their competency.

The Soloist

The Soloist believes that they can do everything themselves. They prefer to do things without asking for help. The Soloist believes that asking for help is a sign of weakness and that they should always know how to do what ever they are doing.

The Super Hero

The Super Hero loves to take on more responsibility. They have a hard time saying no and are typically the hardest worker in the office. A Super Hero often juggles multiple tasks at one time, to the point of over-exhaustion. Super Hero's are ultimate people pleasers.

The More Your Know

Learning more about the 5 types of Imposter Syndrome is the first step to recognizing how Imposter Syndrome is impacting your life. I wrote my free guide, Get To Know Your Imposter Syndrome, to help you learn even more about each type of Imposter Syndrome through mindful reflection questions. Click Here to download your copy today.


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