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Free Yoga for Grief  Virtual Mini Retreat Begins In

It's time to redefine your approach to grief...

Sign Up for Our Virtual Retreat & Step into a Sanctuary of Healing 

Immerse yourself in curated practices that not only nurture your emotional well-being but also empower you to rise with resilience. This isn't just another virtual retreat; it's a transformative journey tailored for your unique grief path. Step into a community where every emotion is honored, every tear is acknowledged, and every heart finds its way back to hope. Secure your spot and let's navigate this journey of grief with grace, together.

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Secure Your Spot In This Revolutionary 5-Day Experience

Together we'll experience practices designed to nurture emotional well-being. Through the fusion of yoga's mindful movement and the transformative process of healing the nervous system, you'll embark on a restorative exploration that respects your unique grief journey.

Sole Journey Wellness'

Yoga For Grief Virtual Mini Retreat Schedule:

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Day 1: November 1st

Embark on Your Grief Literacy Journey

Our first step revolves around the theme of gentle grounding practices – a vital foundation for connecting with your emotions and the present moment.


This foundation sets the tone for the transformative path ahead, guiding you to embrace your grief with understanding and compassion.

By learning to stay present and attuned to your feelings, you'll be equipped to embark on this healing journey with intention and grace.

Day 2: November 2nd

Cultivate Self-Compassion

Compassion is the soothing balm for the wounded heart.

Together we will explore the art of self-compassion to release emotional tension and create space for your healing to flourish.


By gently cradling our grief with tenderness we begin to transform pain into kindness and empathy, reminding ourselves that self-compassion is the key to moving forward. 

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Day 3: November 3rd

Uncover the Healing Power of Mindfulness

In the heart of grief, mindfulness becomes our sanctuary.

Let's immerse ourselves in the healing practice of mindfulness meditation, gently nurturing our ability to be fully present with whatever unfolds.

We learn to anchor ourselves in the present moment, discovering pockets of solace and peace amidst the turbulence of grief.

Day 4: November 4th

Nurturing Your Inner Light Through Yoga

Discover the potency of physical yoga in unraveling tension and fostering healing space.

Engage in a guided sequences that navigate layers of grief, harmonizing body and breath with emotional release.


Uncover solace and resilience as yoga's transformative embrace intertwines with the challenges of grief, weaving a tapestry of healing threads that guide you toward renewal.

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Day 5: November 5th

Embrace Your Grief Journey with Resilience

On the final day we stand at the threshold of transformation, the culmination of our exploration.

As your guided through a mindful reflection exercise, its time to consider the insights you've gained throughout this transformative experience.

Through reflection you'll tap into your inner wellspring of strength, acknowledging the journey you've traversed and the road ahead of you.

It's Time to Discover:

The transformative power of self-compassion in releasing emotional tension.

The sanctuary of mindfulness and its role in navigating grief's turbulent waters.

The benefits of therapeutic physical yoga in releasing grief-induced tension.

Strategies to tap into one's inner reservoir of strength and resilience.

By Joining You Will:

Experience a profound sense of grounding, enabling a deeper connection with one's emotions.

Discover the soothing balm of self-compassion, transforming pain into empathy.

Gain clarity and perspective on the grief journey, acknowledging both past experiences and future paths.

Feel empowered and equipped to face future challenges with resilience and grace.


"Sole Journey Wellness' 'Yoga for Grief' program offers a compassionate and transformative experience, skillfully combining yoga practices and grief support to guide individuals through their healing journey with grace and understanding."

- Dr. Patel

Expand Your Journey With Dani

Dani is a transformational coach and founder of Sole Journey Wellness, a company dedicated to helping individuals cultivate resilience and empowering others to take charge of their lives and show up with confidence.

She is here to uplift and empower you as you navigate through grief's complexities. Through the fusion of yoga's mindful movement and the transformative process of healing, you'll embark on a restorative exploration that respects your unique grief journey.

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Secure Your Spot In The Transformative 5-day Experience. 

Join us for a transformative path of healing, where mindfulness, movement, and light illuminate small, meaningful steps taken together.

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