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The Journey Begins in...

Be a Yoga Catalyst

Elevate your skills and bring transformative wellness to corporate environments. Our specialized program is designed specifically for yoga teachers seeking to expand their impact into the corporate world, blending the art of yoga with the dynamics of corporate wellness.

Transform your passion for yoga into a specialized skill set with our Corporate Yoga Teacher Training.

Here’s what awaits you:

Become a Corporate Yoga Specialist:

Dive into the world of corporate yoga and mindfulness, mastering practices that cater specifically to the demands of the workplace.

Master Corporate Culture:

Learn how to navigate the complexities of corporate environments with ease, making you an invaluable wellness asset to any organization.

Craft Tailored Wellness Solutions:

Gain the expertise to design yoga programs that address the unique wellness needs of employees, enhancing workplace health and morale.

Elevate Your Career:

Propel your personal and professional growth, positioning yourself as a leader in the burgeoning field of corporate wellness.

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Why You Can Trust Me

I'm Dani, your new best friend and #1 cheerleader!

With a decade in corporate Human Resources, eight years teaching corporate yoga, and over twelve years as a career coach, my diverse experience bridges the gap between personal wellness and professional development. My journey from HR to therapeutic yoga and career coaching equips me with a unique perspective on fostering wellness and growth within corporate environments. This program is the culmination of my passion and expertise, designed to empower yoga instructors with the skills to transform corporate spaces into havens of health and productivity.

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