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Join The 5-Week Yoga for Grief  Program Waitlist!

NOVEMBER 20th to December 22nd

Unleash Your Healing Potential

Join the Yoga for Grief:
5-week Transformative Program

Guided by Dani Frank, a compassionate grief advocate, career resilience coach, and yoga for mental health teacher, this transformative journey offers a sanctuary of empathy and understanding.

Struggling to navigate grief's winding path alone? Embrace compassionate healing & unlock the power of a having a grief tool kit through Yoga for Grief. Your Grief Toolkit equips you with personalized tools and practices so you can harness inner strength, find purpose amidst change, and confidently embrace a journey of healing.

This 5-week course is fully-stocked with tools and techniques that will be your a secret weapons - the key to resilience, empowerment, and limitless potential for growth - so you can masterfully face each challenge with grace.

Join this compassionate community and embrace the gentle guidance that uplifts your spirit and empowers you to navigate grief with grace and resilience.

All the details are on the way to your inbox!

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What You Will Discover

Transform Your Grief Through Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga Asana to Strengthen Your Mind-Body Connection

Reflective Writing in Our Yoga for Grief Workbook

Cultivate Balance & Healing With Pranayama Breathing

Why Join?

Find connection in a compassionate community

Experience yoga's capacity to heal

Gain actionable techniques for self-care

Start brighter days with movement, reflection, resilience

"Sole Journey Wellness' 'Yoga for Grief' program offers a compassionate and transformative experience, skillfully combining yoga practices and grief support to guide individuals through their healing journey with grace and understanding."

- Dr. Patel

Secure Your Spot In This Transformative 5-Week Experience. 

Find out what your Grief is hiding. Healing doesn't happen alone. Join the Yoga for Grief Program waitlist today.

Your Grief Journey
With Dani

In these 5 weeks, immerse yourself in practices specially designed to uplift your spirit and nurture emotional well-being with the support of Dani Frank.

Dani is a transformational coach and founder of Sole Journey Wellness, a company dedicated to helping individuals cultivate resilience and empowering others to take charge of their lives and show up with confidence.

She is here to uplift and empower you as you navigate through grief's complexities. Through the fusion of yoga's mindful movement and the transformative process of healing, you'll embark on a restorative exploration that respects your unique grief journey.

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